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What Listeners Are Saying

Do you enjoy learning about military history? How about listening to stories of individuals who’ve experienced war and conflict? Have you ever wondered how to research a family member’s military service?

All of these topics and more are explored in the Camp Iron Mountain Podcast and throughout this site!

Join our community that looks to inspire people to conduct research, collect stories, and share the military history of veterans, civilians, and military units to honor their memory and service.

Meet Your Host...

Gabriel Suarez is the host of the Camp Iron Mountain Podcast. Growing up he spent countless hours reading books on various topics that interested him in the hopes of one day becoming a contestant on the game show Jeopardy. Though that dream remains currently unrealized, Gabriel uses a lot of that self-learned knowledge in creating military history content for this show.    

Gabriel was inspired to create this podcast by the work of his grandfather’s World War II unit. These men spent the latter part of their lives recording, collecting, and sharing the history of their service during the war, both stateside and fighting in Europe.   

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history from California State University, Sacramento in 2001, he earned a commission in the US Army as a Field Artillery officer through the ROTC program. Gabriel retired from active duty in 2022. With him throughout his well traveled journey has been his wife, three kids, and ever growing herd of rescue dogs and cats.

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