Episode 015: Uncommon Journey (Part 1) – US Navy

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Mo Massaquoi has had an atypical military career to say the least. He started off as an enlisted sailor in the U.S. Navy, before moving up to become a naval officer, and then eventually, transitioning to the U.S. Army where he continues to serve on active duty. Over his ongoing 22 years of service, Mo has been through a number of great challenges and great successes, some of which he’ll share with us during our interview.

Part 1 will cover his time in the U.S. Navy.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by LTC Massaquoi on this podcast are from his own research as an academic and do not represent the views of the United States Army, nor do they represent the views of the Department of Defense.

What You’ll Get From This Episode

Mo discusses his path from civilian life to joining the U.S. Navy as an enlisted sailor.

Mo highlights some of his struggles in getting through the Navy’s extremely difficult Nuclear Power School.

Mo talks about his transition to becoming a naval officer, facing failure for the first time in his life, and having the courage to follow a lifeline that allowed him to continue his military service.

Mo reflects on some folks who helped him along his journey.

Resources for Topics Discussed in the Episode

USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74). Explore the history and images of the USS John C. Stennis from an incredible historical website. NavSource.org was created over 25 years ago to preserve U.S. naval history and is still maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers.

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