Episode 001:
Welcome to Camp Iron Mountain

February 16, 2021

Welcome to our first episode! Learn the inspiration behind this project along with the mission and goals we want to attain.
A stone alter that still remains today at the former Camp Iron Mountain Desert Training Center site. (Photo Credit: General Patton Memorial Museum)

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Host - Gabriel Suarez

  • Website: https://campironmountain.com
  • Email: gabriel@campironmountain.com

What You'll Get Out of Today's Show

  • You’ll learn the mission and goals behind the Camp Iron Mountain Podcast.


  • Gabriel outlines the three main themes the podcast will focus on: sharing interesting stories from military history, highlighting individuals and organizations “doing history”, and interviewing veterans and civilians who’ve experienced conflict.


  • Gabriel talks about his backstory and his family’s connection to the military.


  • Gabriel shares the genesis of his desire to preserve history and eventually create this podcast, which traces back to his grandfather’s World War II service.


  • Learn about the efforts that Gabriel’s grandfather’s unit took to capture their own World War II experiences.


  • Gabriel tells the audience where they can further connect with the show on it’s social media sites and how they can help grow the show.

Resources Mentioned During Today's Episode

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