Episode 013: Marine Corps Combat Engineer

John Bruzza is a 20-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, John was selected for service as a combat engineer following completion of the Marine Corps Officer Basic School. Over his career he served in a variety of leadership positions and locations both on active duty and as a reserve officer before retiring in 2017 as a Major. In his post-military life, John lives in Arizona where he works in the solar energy industry.  

John Bruzza Instagram: @31_maxx_31

What You’ll Get From This Episode

John discusses his experience attending the U.S. Naval Academy and how it led him to become a Marine Corps officer.

A discussion on each of John’s assignments throughout his career from lieutenant to major, including deployments to the Middle East.

John shares with us those people, with whom he served, having lasting influences on his life and career.  

We get John’s thoughts on Marine Corps stereotypes and discuss the, then upcoming, Major League Baseball playoffs. *Disclaimer: This episode was recorded weeks before the playoffs and our predictions were totally wrong.

Resources for Topics Discussed in the Episode

United States Naval Academy. https://www.usna.edu/homepage.php

U.S. Marine Corps Operations in Iraq, 2003-2006 (Kenneth Estes). An initial historical look at the first three years in Iraq published by the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Division in 2009. You can download a free copy here on the Federation of American Scientist website. https://irp.fas.org/doddir/usmc/iraq03-06.pdf

Marine for Life Transition Services. https://usmc-mccs.org/services/career/marine-for-life-network/

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